Sodden Dunes


Sodden Dunes painted in Oil on board and measures 10H x15W. Finished frame measurements are 14H x 19W. This painting is offered in its frame, wired and ready to hang.

I was inspired to paint “Sodden Dunes” after spending an off season rainy weekend on the outer Cape. There were a series of sizable storms that came through during the period of the three days I was there. After each blew through there was an hour or less of blaring sun parting billowing clouds, both in a constant competition, each battling to dominate the sky and each relentless. I did not paint outdoors that weekend but spent most of my time observing as well as taking thousands of pictures to later reference. My observations of the rain drenched sand and cloud covered dunes steered my inspiration for Sodden Dunes.

This painting is oil on board with an impasto surface framed in a faux silver leaf frame. She measures 10H X 15W inches. The finished frame measurement is 14H x 19W inches.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 14 in
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